City Commission

photo of commission sitting at dais

The High Springs City Commission is responsible for passing the city's budget, setting the millage rate and approving ordinances and resolutions. The commission consists of five members, each serving three-year terms. Commissioners run for a designated seat on the commission, but are elected, and serve the city at-large.  To contact the commission as a whole, email citycommission [at], or see individual contact information below. 

Photos of commissioner bloodsworth sitting at dais
Commission Seat 2
386-454-1416 Option 6
Pic of Commissioner Andrew Miller
Commissioner -Seat 1
386-454-1416 Option 6
Commissioner Byran Williams
Commissioner-Seat 4
386-454-1416 Option 6
Weitz photo
Mayor- Seat 5
386-454-1416 Option 6
Pic of Commissioner Tristan Grunder
Vice Mayor- Seat 3
386-454-1416 Option 6