Pool Fills


Are you filling your pool?   To avoid having to pay sewer charges on the amount of water you put in your pool, just take the following easy steps. 

  • Call Utility Billing at 386-454-1416 and press 1.  
  • Let the staff member know that you're going to fill your pool and your meter will be read right before you fill your pool. 
  • Call Utility Billing when you're finished with the fill and your meter can be read so we know how much water was used for the pool.  

Already filled the pool and didn't know to call for the meter reads?

Bring in the manufacturer's specs for the pool (documents from when the pool was installed or photo of specs on the side of an above-ground pool) and let us know the date you filled it.  We'll review the documents and your account to make sure we have what we need to credit the appropriate amount of sewer from your bill.

Your bill will be read on the usual schedule as well. When your next bill is generated, we won't bill sewer charges on the gallons of water that went into the pool if you've taken the steps above.  You'll still need to pay for the water put in the pool and the water and sewer for your normal household use.  

This pool fill sewer credit will only be given once per year.